Leidse Studenten Hardloop- en Atletiekvereniging

About Currimus

Who are we?
Currimus is the university running association of Leiden. We are a group of young running enthousiasts training together twice a week, also participating in competitions together and organizing other social activities such as drinks, trainingsweekends and parties. We aim to provide the perfect combination between sports and activities to complement your student experience. Our trainings are available for both beginners and experienced runners.

Practical information

Tuesday trainings (endurance, 7pm-8.30pm)
Every Tuesday we do an endurance run in and around Leiden. We have several groups of runners with different speeds and distances to help runners train at their own pace. Most of the time the distances run will vary between 5km and 12km, depending on how far we are in the season.

Thursday trainings (interval, 7pm-8.30pm)
Next to the endurance runs we also have interval trainings on the track on Thursdays. In these trainings we do repetitions of distances between 200m and 1000m. Also, there is an extra emphasis on running technique, strength and (core) stability.

Since the summer of 2017 several members of our association organize weekly crossfit trainings. The trainings are led by our members themselves, consisting of a different set of exercises every week. Everybody whos a Currimus member is welcome to join these trainings, which are mostly on mondays at 7pm.

Meeting point and necessities
All trainings start in front of the canteen of Leiden Atletiek. Our association uses dressing rooms 3 (men) and 4 (women), which are locked during the trainings. Leiden Atletiek is at the Leidse Hout, Antonie Duycklaan 9a, 2334 CE Leiden. Other than your sports clothing and running shoes, you dont need anything else but a reflective vest or a light at tuesdays when its dark and maybe a bottle of water for the trainings on thursdays.

Join two free tryout trainings!
If youre still in doubt about starting running or joining our association, you're more than welcome to come follow to free tryout trainings! Just mail the board at bestuur@currimus.nl and we're happy to take you along.


Signing up for membership
Membership with Currimus consists of a 10,- euros yearly membership for the association and a regular membership with Leiden Atletiek, the athletics association of Leiden where we train. If you want to sign-up, download this form and fill it in. You can hand it in by one of the board members or send it to bestuur@currimus.nl. For more information about signing up with Leiden Atletiek, download this information file. Please dont hestitate to mail us if you have any questions about signing up, well gladly sit down with you to help you.

Considering membership?
Try out two trainings for free! Just mail us at bestuur@currimus.nl and you're more than welcome to come see what our trainings are like for yourself.

Terminating membership
Terminating the Currimus membership can only be done yearly before august 31st, by mailing the board at bestuur@currimus.nl. Please note that you also have to end your membership at Leiden Atletiek by yourself. This can be done quarter yearly by mailing to leden@leidenatletiek.nl. Please make sure you receive a confirmation of your termination. Also mind that if you're planning to terminate your membership after the fourth quarter of the year, you already have to cancel your membership before december 1st because of rules of the athletics union. Don't hestitate to send us a mail if you need any help or have any questions.

Contact information

Visiting address:
Antonie Duycklaan 9a
2334CE Leiden

Online contact:

Bank account nr.:
NL11INGB 0004 8232 44
L.U.H.V. Currimus